About the Forum

Russia Pro Bono Forum

Less than a decade ago, “pro bono” was an exotic, if not an unfamiliar, concept for many Russian lawyers and law firms. Today, however, dozens of lawyers and law firms –international and domestic – volunteer their legal services on regular basis to aid NGOs and individuals in need of legal assistance.

The support of pro bono has long been a pillar of PILnet’s efforts in ensuring access to justice. One of the primary ways in which PILnet encourages pro bono practice development is through convening annual Pro Bono Forums in Europe, Asia and now Russia. By bringing together a growing and influential community that recognizes the urgency of developing pro bono, the Forum offers a setting where participants can explore how they can best collaborate to address critical issues in pro bono practice development.

By building on our experience in Europe and Asia, we hope that the Russia Pro Bono Forum will become a key platform for lawyers, law schools, bar associations, NGO representatives, and policy makers to learn from each other, build alliances and celebrate their collaboration.

Forum workshops will address a variety of topics and answer key questions on pro bono practice development in Russia, including:

  • How to start a pro bono practice in your law firm,
  • What role bar associations play in growing and promoting pro bono culture,
  • How NGOs can access pro bono, and many more.

Please note, the Forum will be held in Russian.