Celebrate PILnet’s 20th Anniversary!

PILnet is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year! In recognition of this, the Forum will include a special concert by a Hungarian favorite: Parno Graszt. The concert will take place after the Pro Bono Awards Ceremony, on 18 October, from 9:00pm to 12:00am.

Parno Graszt, a Roma band, was founded in 1987 in a small village in eastern Hungary called Paszab. The band’s name is a Romani phrase meaning “White Horse” (a symbol of purity and freedom). They have songs in English and Romani and, sometimes, a combination of both. The members of Parno Graszt, all from Paszab, are all related, indicative of the importance of family in Romani culture. It is said that the love that appears in this culture is the most honest and pure in the world. Their concerts are marked by joy, liveliness, and directness. They are visibly happy and love what they do: their concerts call on you to live in the moment and take part in moments of laughter.


The band’s lineup consists of roughly 10 members, although they can have up to 20 musicians playing as well as a 10-person dance group to accompany them on stage. The band’s musical roots lay directly in the region of Paszab, where the band’s members still live, preferring it to a large city. Their album entitled “Rávágok a Zongorára,” released in 2002, finished 7th place in the European World Music Rankings, a feat with no precedent for Hungarian bands. They have released a total of 4 albums and their music has traveled through Europe, the U.S., and Asia.
See below for a taste of their eclectic and energetic music!

Parno Graszt – Ande rátyi (Este járok)Posted by Parno Graszt on Monday, November 16, 2009