2017 Global Pro Bono Awards

The submissions period for the 2017 Pro Bono Awards is now closed.

In recognition of PILnet’s 20th Anniversary, nominations were welcome from across the globe.


PILnet’s awards celebrate and honor the extraordinary efforts made by you to strengthen civil society, advance social justice, and protect the public interest.

PILnet’s Award for Exemplary Partnership in the Public Interest

This award recognizes the best pro bono legal project undertaken as collaboration between an NGO and a law firm, with an impact felt in more than one country.

PILnet’s Award for Local Pro Bono Impact

This award honors the best innovative pro bono legal project at the local/national level. Nominations are open to both partnerships and independent projects, from law firms, NGOs, bar associations and the wider pro bono community.

If you have questions before submitting a nomination please contact: Tamas Barabas at tbarabas@pilnet.org.



What is the deadline for nominations?

We accepted submissions between 15 June and 15 July 2017.

What kind of projects are you looking for?

We are looking for projects that have achieved positive results in at least one country and were completed after July 2016.

Can I nominate a project from my own firm or NGO?

Yes! Self-nominations are welcome.

Where countries qualify for purposes of the awards?

All of them, on any continent.

When must the project have taken place?

The projects must be completed in the 12 months prior to July 2017.

How are submissions evaluated?

Submissions for the partnership award will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Degree to which the project demonstrates a significant and positive impact on the protection of rights and/or delivery or justice through legal representation or law and policy reform.;
  • Extent to which the project utilized lawyer and law firm engagement;
  • Degree to which the project fostered a deep relationship between the NGO and law firm and created prospects for sustainable future collaborations.
  • The awards jury is independent of PILnet and PILnet staff, and includes prominent members from civil society and the private legal community.

The above criteria may be considered in the evaluation of nominations for the local impact award, but the committee may also consider other elements, and will not strictly limit their evaluation to those for the international award.

The project may be of a partnership or independent nature, and nominees may be law firms, NGOs, bar associations, or others from the wider legal pro bono community.

When is the award ceremony?

Awards will be bestowed on 18 October 2017 during the PILnet Global Forum in Budapest.


Please contact Tamas Barabas at tbarabas@pilnet.org with any questions.